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The Fundamental differences and similarity between Britian, The British,Hungary and the magyars part 1

This post has evolved out of various conversation with friends about stereotypes. I don’t want to write a piece just about stereotypes of both nationalities because, well that’s just stereotypical. It’s more of a comparison piece.

Lets start with Britain and the British as general:


Just as hopeless as every other country. Like most of Europe the far right (or not so far right) have started to win seats in the Uk and Eu parliament, but I honestly believe that The great British public are just so fed up with the 3 main parties that these are “protest votes.” This party in questions UKIP is full of as much hot air as the rest of them, and if they do get more seats in next years elections, its hardly likely they would follow through with any of their policies.

The weather

Yes it rains a lot (but not ever day) In fact since moving to Budapest the weather seems to  have improved greatly, there actually was a summer this year, kinda typical really. Yes we like to talk about the weather, but it can be so changeable, so its not like every conversation is the same.


A sore subject for most! Common opinions include “they take all our jobs” “they use all our resources (nhs,schools ect)” and my favorite “they come here for benefits.” My opinion of immigration in the UK is quite different, I believe it has enriched the country and made it such a more dynamic place to live, but this is a subject for a different post.


The Great British institution everybody loves and dislikes at the same time. It’s great that free health care is available, but it’s so stretched beyond it’s means. It’s near on impossible to get a drs appointment, you wait weeks or months for specialised appointments or treatments. That said we could not live without and would never be able to change to an insurance system similar to the US.

North vs South

Southerns are generally more reserved we don’t really know what to do when a stranger talks to us (unless its for directions). Our northern neighbors are far more open and will speak to anyone no matter the situation.


The world over believe that The British like to queue. Come on know one likes to queue, but when it has to be done, why shouldn’t it be in an orderly fashion, where every gets their turn in the order they arrived.


Simple, easy and free for the general public using a basic current account.

Official administration

It’s very easy to find out anything government related online, most things can be done online or via post, no need to go to official offices.

The Royal Family

In recent years since Kate and Prince William got married the love for the royal family has returned, although I’m sure there are the usual moaners who think they are a drain on public funds.

Day to Day life

Always in a rush not enough hours in the day. This is not just in the major towns and cities, but smaller ones. Is it really necessary?

Moaning Myrtles

British people like to have a good old moan about everything. The main topics being the weather, immigration, the economy, petrol prices (it only has to go up a penny and the day is ruined)


British comedy is dry and very sarcastic. Enough said.

Customer Service

Generally very good. Companies have clear and easy to find returns policies / terms and conditions. Also the British people are very aware of their consumer rights.

What’s your opinion, experience or stereotype of Britain and the British?

Hungary and the Magyars to follow in the next post 😛



Nyiregyhaza-A must see to the East

I am yet to visit many towns in Hungary, but this is one of my Favorites so far! I am a little biased as I visit at least once a month as this is where my partners family live. But it is for sure a diamond in the rough and I believe properly not well known by most foreigners. It’s more suburban feeling can be a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There are many things surrounding this small city to do and most recently I visited the Zoo!


The zoo currently has a feeling of being confused as to what decade it is from.  There are many communist era building mixed in with very modern glass and steel constructed buildings. In a way it is a very nostalgic place, that has an air of austerity of a more simpler time. These building are slowly being replaced for the more modern equivalent. Which is a little sad as I feel the Zoo may loose some of its charm.

However this is obviously great for the Animals. The modernization is giving them a more natural habitat feel rather than concrete and metal bars. All the animals seemed very happy and well looked after. There was still a lot of renovation going on when I visited last weekend, but I am sure they will have this finished by high season. I will indeed return at some point to see the finished article.

The zoo takes you through many parts of the world as you wonder around.

The green pyramid-A tropical wonderland of exotic plants, fury surprises and scaly creatures which look like they are from the dinosaur age.

Oceanarium- Some of the strangest and funny looking fish you will ever see up close and personal.


Polar region- I think this was my favourite part of the zoo, polar bears, sea lions and penguins. It was obviously to early in the morning for this guy as he was still sleeping!

Tarzana trail-Enter the world of Africa. Elephants, monkeys, rhinos, zebra Giraffe. You name it and it is more than likely in this part of the zoo.

Carpathian Basin- Very interesting part of the zoo in terms or animals that originate from this area. There is a traditional Hungarian farm, and a small exhibition of old tools that were used way back when.

America-A mixture of north and south American native animals. Its not just bison and pumas. Therese also a large selection of Hugh native plants for those interested in botany.

Australia-The smallest of all the continent sections it  is populated by red-necked wallabies and emus.


The funny bits!

There are a quite a few chickens that run wild in the zoo, watch out for them because they literally are every where. We found them nesting in the hay stack of the Giraffes, clucking round the wallaby’s and general annoying the entire animal population of the zoo.

You will mos likely find the giraffes over the back of their pen, leaning over the fence eating these leaves from tress on the other side.

The Turkey, we weren’t quite sure if some had escape, but 2 of them were trying to fight through a fence. I wished I’d made video because it doesn’t sound so funny in writing,

A tortoise head butting another so that it could get to the water bowl rather than just walking around it.

This chicken-a bad hair day?

funny chicken


funny chicken1

High lights & must sees

The sea Lions-From the end of April until Sept, they run a show which is meant to be very entertaining for adults and children alike.

The glass corridor in the oceanarium is certainly something to be hold. To have sharks and sting ray swim over your head is quite something. Although I’m not sure I would like to be in there during high season.

The white tigers-so majestic yet very playful. They were so beautiful to look at, but I would say they are more cream than white. Who knows maybe they need a wash. 🙂

The African Grey Parrots- These guys are supper funny. Although they do not speak, they make some rather strange sounds. We were playing sounds of r2d2 to them and the majority of the time they did repeat the noises.

Here is the link for the Zoo for anyone that wants more details- http://www.sostozoo.hu/

All in all it’s a great day out for Children and Adults. I personally can’t wait for my next visit!


First impressions

I first visited Budapest Easter last year. It was cold, wet and like a ghost town. Despite these things I fell in love instantaniously. Budapest really is the most beautiful citiy I have ever visited. It’s no wonder many foreigners come to visit or study and never leave.

I have to be honest I came to live here 6 months ago not just because of my enchantment with this city but for love.

I could never claim to be a writer, but after a recent visit home many of my friends and family found my experiences or stories a little amusing so I figured I’d give a blog ago and share it with the world.