Registration and address card for EU nationals

I’m hoping this post will bring together all the information I have found and experienced when applying for the registration card.

As an Eu national wanting to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days the registration card is required and the address card follows in the post.

Hungarian translations of these two cards are:

Registration card-

Address card- Lakcim Kartya


The old immigration website was confusing enough and now the new one (partly Eu funded) only has the following information:

“When is it necessary to submit for registration card as an EEA national?

The EEA national is entitled to enter to the territory of Hungary with valid travel document or identity document and in case of stay longer than 90 days – at the latest on the ninety-third day from entry – is required to notify his/her stay with personal data.

What is necessary for reporting and issuing address card?

The EEA national is required to report his/her stay longer than 90 days at the customer service of regional directorate competent on the basis of his/her future residence. At reporting the applicant is required to present a valid travel document or identity document, and attach the documents proving the conditions of stay: in case of gainful activities the proving documents, in case of studies the certificate issued by educational institution, in case of family law status the document certifying the existence of family relationship, the document certifying the financial conditions, document certifying the right over property as Hungarian address and the document supporting the right to use of health insurance services or document certifying the necessary funds. The administrative service fee of registration card is 1.000 HUF, which shall be paid with revenue stamp.”

Immigration office website

As an Eu national wanting to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days the registration card is required and the address card follows in the post.

What documents do you need?

  • Passport or Id card
  • Prof of accommodation-either rental contract or letter from whom you are staying with.
  • If you have a job..Letter from employer/contract
  • If you don’t have a job bank statements showing you have enough money to support yourself.
  • EHIC card/European health insurance card from your home country.
  • 1000huf stamp from the post office.
  • A Letter stating when and where you entered the country and your reason for staying.
  • A pen to complete the form.


Office Address

Office of Immigration and Nationality
Address: 1117 Budapest, Budafoki street 60.

Telephone: 0036-1-463-9100

If you are outside Budapest this is the list of regional offices.

How to get there:

by bus No. 33, 33E, 33A which leaves from Móricz Zsigmond körtér /bus-stop: Hengermalom utca/ or by bus No. 103 (black) which leaves from Népliget /bus-stop: Hengermalom utca/.

Or there is the one downton

1075 . Budapest, VII. kerület Károly krt. 11.

How to get there: Customer service at Deák Square (underground: 1, 2, 3, tram: 47, 49)

I personally went to the Buda office, as I could not find the one at Karoly Krt. I walk past it everyday now, I do not know how I managed to miss it. The entrance is in between Pasta Manufaktura and the Gold wok, You will see the Flags just above the door.

What happens next?!

Once you arrive, you will be given a form to complete and a Number. Fill in the form and wait your turn.

Hand over the form and all your paperwork. Providing they are happy you should receive your registration card there and then and your address card will follow in the post.


At the Buda office the receptionist sent me away the first time because I did not have a job. When I went back the second time I said I was self  employed. I do not want to sound rude toward her, but she doesn’t know what she is talking about. So make sure you stand your ground. When I went back the second time I asked the actual immigration officer if it was necessary to have a job, she said no, as long as you prove you have enough money to live on for your stay or while you are looking for work.


I wish everyone the best of luck!










Finding My Feet

So after 6 months of a lot of up and downs I finally came to the realisation that actually with out all of these I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I finally have all the paperwork to work here! I can official say I am a resident of BUDAPEST! 🙂

I have a nice office job with normal hours…No more 12 hour shift!!!

My confidence in my self is finally returning….

I’m confident enough to go most places in the city on my own.  Previously I didn’t even feel confident enough to step out side the front door sometimes.

So its time I started looking to the future and How I can be my confident self again. As much as people speak English in the Capital I need to start learning more Hungarian. I want to be able to do things for my self and not really on other people so much.

In turn I’m hoping this will make it easier to make friends as an expat I have found it difficult to make friends with natives. Which I completely understand because they do not wish to speak in English all the time. It is easier enough to make friends with expats but most are students or just working here for a short period of time .

I have always been very independent and feel I have lost this in quite a big way since moving here…maybe this is one of the factors that has affected my confidence to.

So I am proud to say that I am finally starting to find my feet! I just need to keep pushing forward and eventually every thing will fall into place!

Reflection-the last 6 months

After being here some months I started to reflect on my time so far.

When I first arrived in Budapest I was definitely having an adrenaline high, I thought I could achieve anything, the world was my oyster. It was such a big decision to move here, leave all my friends and family behind to begin a new life in a country I had only visited twice before.

It didn’t take long for the rose tinted glasses to fall off! Once I’d unpacked my things and the final pieces of IKEA furniture had been put together reality hit me and it hit me hard.

Firstly I had to work my way around the administration system, as I’ve written in my previous posts its no mean feet and not for the faint hearted.

Secondly you start looking for jobs, this is relatively easy, with the many Facebook groups, expat sites and there are a few jobsites in English. It just amazes me how long it takes companies to reject you, if at all. Saying that 6 months later I’m still receiving emails saying “sorry you cannot be considered at this time.”

Thirdly I thought I should just put myself out there and start to make a few friends. At the age of 26 I wasn’t really sure how to go about this, pretty much all my friends from back home I’ve known since I was a kid or I have worked with. So this was a super Alien concept for me.  So I did a bit of Goggling as you do and came across a few different expat events.  I dragged my boyfriend along to one being held in a bar, After the 2nd drink I decided it had been a bad idea, everyone seemed to be students and very clicky. I saw one girl arrive on her own, she sat on a table of say 5-6 people and they point blank ignored her and actually turned their backs to her.  I motioned over to her and come and sit with the bf and myself. She turned out to be such a lovely girl and I was finally happy to have meet a native speaker that just wanted to hang out and not interested in getting pissed all the time.  Sadly after 3 months she had to leave, due to not being able to extend her visa.

save me

At one point I really started to struggle to understand why I’d moved here, I was super homesick, was missing everyone back home, was stressing because I wasn’t hearing back from job adverts. I think this was the lowest I’d been for a very long time and just didn’t know how to cope with all the Different emotions. Bless my boyfriend for putting up with me over this time period, but without him, I think I would have just jacked it all in and gone home.

Things could only get better from here and they did. I’ll write about this in my next post.






Nyiregyhaza-A must see to the East

I am yet to visit many towns in Hungary, but this is one of my Favorites so far! I am a little biased as I visit at least once a month as this is where my partners family live. But it is for sure a diamond in the rough and I believe properly not well known by most foreigners. It’s more suburban feeling can be a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There are many things surrounding this small city to do and most recently I visited the Zoo!


The zoo currently has a feeling of being confused as to what decade it is from.  There are many communist era building mixed in with very modern glass and steel constructed buildings. In a way it is a very nostalgic place, that has an air of austerity of a more simpler time. These building are slowly being replaced for the more modern equivalent. Which is a little sad as I feel the Zoo may loose some of its charm.

However this is obviously great for the Animals. The modernization is giving them a more natural habitat feel rather than concrete and metal bars. All the animals seemed very happy and well looked after. There was still a lot of renovation going on when I visited last weekend, but I am sure they will have this finished by high season. I will indeed return at some point to see the finished article.

The zoo takes you through many parts of the world as you wonder around.

The green pyramid-A tropical wonderland of exotic plants, fury surprises and scaly creatures which look like they are from the dinosaur age.

Oceanarium- Some of the strangest and funny looking fish you will ever see up close and personal.


Polar region- I think this was my favourite part of the zoo, polar bears, sea lions and penguins. It was obviously to early in the morning for this guy as he was still sleeping!

Tarzana trail-Enter the world of Africa. Elephants, monkeys, rhinos, zebra Giraffe. You name it and it is more than likely in this part of the zoo.

Carpathian Basin- Very interesting part of the zoo in terms or animals that originate from this area. There is a traditional Hungarian farm, and a small exhibition of old tools that were used way back when.

America-A mixture of north and south American native animals. Its not just bison and pumas. Therese also a large selection of Hugh native plants for those interested in botany.

Australia-The smallest of all the continent sections it  is populated by red-necked wallabies and emus.


The funny bits!

There are a quite a few chickens that run wild in the zoo, watch out for them because they literally are every where. We found them nesting in the hay stack of the Giraffes, clucking round the wallaby’s and general annoying the entire animal population of the zoo.

You will mos likely find the giraffes over the back of their pen, leaning over the fence eating these leaves from tress on the other side.

The Turkey, we weren’t quite sure if some had escape, but 2 of them were trying to fight through a fence. I wished I’d made video because it doesn’t sound so funny in writing,

A tortoise head butting another so that it could get to the water bowl rather than just walking around it.

This chicken-a bad hair day?

funny chicken


funny chicken1

High lights & must sees

The sea Lions-From the end of April until Sept, they run a show which is meant to be very entertaining for adults and children alike.

The glass corridor in the oceanarium is certainly something to be hold. To have sharks and sting ray swim over your head is quite something. Although I’m not sure I would like to be in there during high season.

The white tigers-so majestic yet very playful. They were so beautiful to look at, but I would say they are more cream than white. Who knows maybe they need a wash. 🙂

The African Grey Parrots- These guys are supper funny. Although they do not speak, they make some rather strange sounds. We were playing sounds of r2d2 to them and the majority of the time they did repeat the noises.

Here is the link for the Zoo for anyone that wants more details-

All in all it’s a great day out for Children and Adults. I personally can’t wait for my next visit!


Bureaucracy is no one’s friend in Hungary

I would say it is difficult for foreigners in general to go to any Government Office in Hungary, but even Hungarians tell me they struggle. No matter who you speak to, there is no logic to the red tape and paper work,no one understand the system. Funnily enough I always get the impression not even the government employees really know what is going on.

Over the last 6 months I’ve visited many offices and the story is always the same.

You get your number, you wait ages, you get to the counter and they either claim you are in the wrong place, you do not have the right paper work or you’re not in the system.

I always get the impression they don’t want to help you or in reality they don’t know what the real answer is (because no one understands the system) so they tell you anything, like you need another paper, just to get rid of you so they don’t have to deal with it!

More often than not you go back for the 2nd or 3rd time with the requested paper work, you speak to a different person and they tell you it’s not required and amazingly they can deal with your request.

The below blog by mia some ups the immigration office very well and I had a similar experience.

I can laugh about these experiences now, but at the time it is very frustrating and time consuming.

The moral of the story is!

If you do ever have to deal with these offices, take every physical piece of official paper work you own (original and copies) some one who speaks Hungarian and don’t forget your mothers maiden name!

First impressions

I first visited Budapest Easter last year. It was cold, wet and like a ghost town. Despite these things I fell in love instantaniously. Budapest really is the most beautiful citiy I have ever visited. It’s no wonder many foreigners come to visit or study and never leave.

I have to be honest I came to live here 6 months ago not just because of my enchantment with this city but for love.

I could never claim to be a writer, but after a recent visit home many of my friends and family found my experiences or stories a little amusing so I figured I’d give a blog ago and share it with the world.


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