Reflection-the last 6 months

After being here some months I started to reflect on my time so far.

When I first arrived in Budapest I was definitely having an adrenaline high, I thought I could achieve anything, the world was my oyster. It was such a big decision to move here, leave all my friends and family behind to begin a new life in a country I had only visited twice before.

It didn’t take long for the rose tinted glasses to fall off! Once I’d unpacked my things and the final pieces of IKEA furniture had been put together reality hit me and it hit me hard.

Firstly I had to work my way around the administration system, as I’ve written in my previous posts its no mean feet and not for the faint hearted.

Secondly you start looking for jobs, this is relatively easy, with the many Facebook groups, expat sites and there are a few jobsites in English. It just amazes me how long it takes companies to reject you, if at all. Saying that 6 months later I’m still receiving emails saying “sorry you cannot be considered at this time.”

Thirdly I thought I should just put myself out there and start to make a few friends. At the age of 26 I wasn’t really sure how to go about this, pretty much all my friends from back home I’ve known since I was a kid or I have worked with. So this was a super Alien concept for me.  So I did a bit of Goggling as you do and came across a few different expat events.  I dragged my boyfriend along to one being held in a bar, After the 2nd drink I decided it had been a bad idea, everyone seemed to be students and very clicky. I saw one girl arrive on her own, she sat on a table of say 5-6 people and they point blank ignored her and actually turned their backs to her.  I motioned over to her and come and sit with the bf and myself. She turned out to be such a lovely girl and I was finally happy to have meet a native speaker that just wanted to hang out and not interested in getting pissed all the time.  Sadly after 3 months she had to leave, due to not being able to extend her visa.

save me

At one point I really started to struggle to understand why I’d moved here, I was super homesick, was missing everyone back home, was stressing because I wasn’t hearing back from job adverts. I think this was the lowest I’d been for a very long time and just didn’t know how to cope with all the Different emotions. Bless my boyfriend for putting up with me over this time period, but without him, I think I would have just jacked it all in and gone home.

Things could only get better from here and they did. I’ll write about this in my next post.







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